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Regional Professional Experience Grant - Semester 2, 2023

Scholarships and Grants, Department of Education

The Regional Professional Experience Grant (RPEG) will provide eligible preservice teachers with a one-off grant in Semester 2 2023 to complete a professional experience placement in an eligible regional QLD state school that has a transfer rating of 2-3.

Job details

Position status Contract
Position type Flexible
Occupational group Education & Training
Classification Teacher
Workplace Location Cairns region,Central West Qld,Darling Downs - Maranoa,Mackay region,Rockhampton region,Toowoomba region,Townsville region,Wide Bay
Job ad reference QLD/500568
Closing date 08-Dec-2023
Job duration
Contact person Colleen Meakins
Contact details (07) 3055 2969
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The Regional Professional Experience Grant provides support for preservice teachers to teach, live, and explore the local community while completing a professional experience placement in an eligible QLD state school during Semester 2 2023.

Recipients will receive a one-off grant to assist with placement-related travel expenses (i.e., transport, accommodation, meals, incidentals).

The grant is provided for consecutive placements of:

  • 15-days - $2,250 (minimum)
  • 20-days - $3,000
  • 25-35 days - $3,200
  • 40+ days - $3,400

Keep placement-related receipts and seek financial advice for potential implications to tax, income/benefits if needed.


You must:

The placement must be undertaken in a state school that has a transfer rating of TR2-TR3 which is located:

  • at least 2 hours (each way) from where you currently live, and
  • within the priority locations of Central QLD, Darling Downs, Far North or North QLD. Select schools in the North Coast and Metropolitan South are also eligible.

The eligible schools are highlighted blue in the maps below (refer documents).

Preservice teachers on permission-to-teach (PTT) and completing an unpaid placement may be eligible.Contact the department to confirm eligibility.

Application Process

Step 1 - Organise your placement

  1. Determine the state school for the placement
  2. Ensure the state school meets the eligibility criteria (above)
  3. Liaise with the placement office/officer at the university to organise the placement.

Step 2 - Apply for the grant
When your placement is confirmed (i.e., Sonia Online or InPlace):

  1. Apply for the grant (‘apply online' button below)
  2. Log into Smart Jobs (create an account if needed):
    • in the ‘upload files' section, upload the documents requested in the RPEG Doc Checklist (below) including: unofficial academic transcript, enrolment, blue card, placement confirmation, resume and placement reports
    • respond to all questions in the online questionnaire.

Incomplete applications or applications submitted less than 6 weeks before the placement start date may result in a delayed payment including receiving the grant whilst on placement. If you can't upload the documents to Smart Jobs, upload what you can and email the rest to the department.

Step 3 - Grant offers
You'll be advised of the outcome within 3 weeks of applying for the grant to either (a) seek further information (b) provide an offer letter. Regularly check your email junk/trash/spam folders.

A condition for payment is to notify the department of any changes to the approved placement particulars (i.e., a re-scheduled, cancelled or terminated placement) which may affect the grant amount paid/repaid.

Step 4 - Payment of the grant
Payment will be made by EFT when acceptance of the offer has been provided. Payment can take up to 3 weeks.

Further information

We are committed to building inclusive cultures in the Queensland public sector that respect and promote human rights and diversity.

The grant offering, eligibility and conditions are subject to change at any time at the department's discretion. Detailed information can be found in the attached RPEG Fact Sheet and if the question isn’t answered, email


Before applying for this vacancy please ensure you read the documents below.

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