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Gallery and Visitor Services Officers


The ideal applicant will be someone with experience in the hospitality/retail/customer service industries. When operationally necessary, members of the talent pool will be contacted to participate in further activities designed to assess their experience, capacity and ability to perform required tasks. This may occur before and substantially after the closing date. The continuous applicant pool provides the Protection and Visitor Services Unit with interested personnel to fill casual and or temporary part-time vacancies as and when they arise for short, medium or longer term engagements. To apply complete the employment survey & email it to GVSO Recruitment with a copy of your CV. By clicking on the green APPLY ONLINE Button, an email to GVSO Recruitment should appear, if not, open a new email and type instead.

Job details

Position status Temporary,Contract,Casual
Position type Non Standard Hours
Occupational group Customer Service/Call centre
Classification OO2
Workplace Location Brisbane Inner City
Job ad reference QLD/QAG293018
Closing date 04-Jan-2019
Job duration until 28/04/2019
Contact person GVSO Recruitment
Contact details 3840 7303

Are you the right person for the job? A day in the life of a Gallery & Visitor Service Officer (GVSO) by I.B.

As a GVSO my day starts with a group briefing by the Duty Team Leader. GVSO work in 2 buildings & they each have their own peculiar needs. We listen to the day's events, adjust rosters, receive information for any special Exhibition requirements, & are reminded of the skills that we may need for that particular day. Generally it's good natured, but there's an underlying seriousness to the information exchange. It does help to build the 'Team Spirit' & it's good to know who you can rely on for that day. Then it's off to your rostered area, a visual check of the general condition of the gallery space (clean), Artworks (undamaged), didactics (readable) & emergency equipment & lighting (working).

Once the doors open, depending on my rostered position, I can be extremely busy (Main Entry/Cloakroom), or I can find a moment of calm as the visitors make their way through to my Gallery space. I'm always prepared for questions, from the mundane, where's the toilet?, to the unusual, My Aunt came here 4 years ago & saw ... It's good to know the Collection. Most GVSO's know their artworks. One of the main skills is being able to read 'b.ody language' & adjust my performance accordingly. Some Visitors are seeking assistance, some want to be left alone. Just being able to see that can make all the difference to my day. I remember to SMILE, most of the time. Adjusting Visitor's behaviour, guiding & smoothly informing them without appearing rude is a skill I need, often.

I'm required to move from area to area throughout the day. This also allows for lunch & tea breaks etc. I rely heavily on my teammates so good timekeeping is essential. I am not allowed a mobile phone on duty so a watch is necessary to keep the peace. Lateness is a definite no-no, as it affects the whole team! That said most of the GVSO's are friendly understanding folk. Be prepared for the odd roster/position change. I spend a great deal of time standing & walking. Once you get used to strolling it's quite easy to cover 10km in the day. It's better to be moving than hunched over a desk staring at a computer & you can choose your path. Combine that with reading didactics, & I get a free art history lesson & stay fit!

GVSO's are required to man the information desk, answering telephone & face to face enquiries. It's usually the first point of contact with the public. This can be a fractious place on certain days. Exhibition openings, VIP visits, lost belongings & lost people. Most of the difficult Visitor interactions will be here. Knowing the Gallery's Rules & Regulations is important.

Announcements are made by the GVSO's over the PA system, giving information throughout the day. One of the most important times is at closing time as this is when I need to assist in clearing the Gallery as a Team, efficiently & politely asking Visitors to leave. It's at this time that the GVSO's search, close off & report to Team Leaders that their Gallery space is secure. Probably the most serious part of the day. Communication is really important. Learn to use your radio efficiently.

GVSO is not a job that may suit all people, but if you enjoy assisting and engaging with others it might be for you. For me, job satisfaction comes from the audible gasp that a Visitor gives when they see an artwork for the first time.

For a full list of key duties & further information please see the position description.

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