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Newsroom Coordinator

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Job type Temporary Full-time
Occupational group
Workplace Location Brisbane - CBD
Job ad reference QLD/SLB405/12
Closing date 19-Mar-2012
Job duration
Contact person
Contact details

The Newsroom Coordinator role will be required to provide leadership to a small team of young Journalists generating cross-platform news content, the delivery of a public program of learning events, activities and engagements. You will contribute to the creation of opportunities for experimentation within the news format.

The position will be responsible for the delivery of a program that is focused on operationalizing new ideas within the Journalism sphere and trialling models for news creation within a 21st Century Library environment.

You will work with a team of multi-disciplinary creative people who are strongly connected to their user community. Your passion for innovation within the news format will be demonstrated by a mainstream news experience, a solid understanding of the nature of community news, the ability to work across mediums, capacity for forming strong relationships with stakeholders.

Your application to this role will remain current for 12 months and may be considered for recurring vacancies which may be at an alternative location or alternative employment basis (full time or part time).

Applicants must download the attached role description for further information about this position; and carefully follow instructions for submitting an application.

Applicants are encouraged to apply on-line.  Things you need to know to apply on-line:

• The following file types are accepted:  .gif, .bmp, .png, .doc, .pdf, rtf, .txt.  Do not upload zipped files or .jpeg.

• 3 attachments maximum.

• If you are applying on-line, you do not need to complete the ‘Offline Application Coversheet’.

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