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Project Officer

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Job type Temporary Full-time
Occupational group
Workplace Location Toowoomba
Job ad reference QLD/EEDI33639/12
Closing date 24-Jul-2012
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Prioritise, plan and conduct research directed at the ecology, impacts and management of peri-urban wild dogs.

• Use GPS/satellite tracking to investigate the ecology and movements of peri-urban wild dogs (e.g. home range, habitat use and dispersal behaviour). 

• Determine the diet, disease risk, breeding biology, social organisation and genetic origins/movements of wild dogs in peri-urban areas.

• Document wild dog impacts (environmental, economic and social) in peri-urban areas.

• Undertake, with the assistance of project collaborators, testing of wild dog management strategies in peri-urban areas.

• Liaise and collaborate with colleagues within the department and other agencies, local government, industry stakeholders and external groups to enhance project outcomes.

• Contribute to project planning and management, including setting milestones, monitoring expenditure, evaluating outcomes and reporting.

• Communicate and negotiate effectively with colleagues, clients, staff, managers and other stakeholders to achieve project and departmental outcomes.

• Be highly motivated, and achievement and action orientated, to ensure project priorities are achieved within resource and time limitations and achieve expected outcomes.

• Maintain professional expertise and knowledge in the field of pest animal research and management.

• Prepare technical and scientific papers for publication in journals and other relevant publications, and prepare reports for management as required.

• Make recommendations (based on research outcomes) to local government regarding the effective management of wild dogs to reduce their impact and hazard in peri-urban communities.

• Ensure that the workplace is free of discrimination and harassment, staff are treated fairly and equitably and that a safe and healthy work environment is maintained.

Applications to remain current for 12 months.

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