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Advanced Health Worker - Mental Health and Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Service, Hinterland Hub, Division of Family Health and Wellbeing

Job details

Job type Permanent Full-time
Occupational group
Workplace Location Cairns
Job ad reference QLD/H13TD10160
Closing date 31-Oct-2013
Job duration
Contact person
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Remuneration value up to $76 287 p.a., comprising salary between $60 637 - $66 862 p.a., employer contribution to superannuation (up to 12.75%) and annual leave loading (17.5%) (OO5) (Applications will remain current for 12 months). Job Ad Reference: H13TD10160

Purpose of the Role

  1. Participate as part of the Mossman Mental Heath Team in the provision of mental health and socio-emotional wellbeing services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults. This position also provides advice and guidance to the mental health team and other Health Workers in Mental Health on the socio-emotional and cultural aspects relevant to mental health assessment and treatment of Indigenous adults.
  2. Under s25 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991, there is a genuine occupational requirement for the incumbent to be Indigenous to the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Community.
  3. Potential applicants are advised that the Aged care Act 1997 requires Queensland Health employees and volunteers of aged care services to have a current National Police Certificate.  Queensland Health will facilitate the applicants obtaining the above check.

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